Caring For A Parent With Dementia

It is normal to experience forgetfulness. People tend to forget some things, little things like where you placed your keys or when you last had that oil check. These are usual scenarios caused by the busy life people lead. But when you forget a lot of things all the time especially those that happened recently, you may have dementia. This is more common in older people, like your parents or grandparents. Dementia is a progressive illness. It results from brain damage and its progression depends on what part of the brain was damaged.

Dementia may start as a simple forgetfulness issue. The person with this ailment may start forgetting recent activities done within the day. She may have difficulty finding the right words for simple things such as color or shape. It may cause disorientation, which may lead to being lost. She may not find the supermarket where she always bought her frozen goods or she may forget that you dont have work today because its a Sunday.

Although it cannot be fully treated, there are various medical treatments that can slow down the progression of the ailment. There are a vast counseling sessions and therapy programs for those affected by the condition. Various support groups have been established to provide knowledge of the ailment and how the person concerned could deal with her condition.

It is not easy living with someone affected by this condition, most especially if it is one of your parents. You and your siblings, like your mother, might feel pressured and helpless since the ailment cannot be treated. The counseling sessions are not only for your mom, but also for you and the rest of the family.

You must understand that one of the most important things your mom needs now is appropriate care. Since she tends to forget things, places, time and even people, it is important that she has a safe environment to live in. She needs to feel she belongs to the place she is living in so that she can move freely and enjoy living her life as normal as possible.

Because she forgets a lot of things, she may feel insecure, helpless or even useless. This may cause a lot of trouble with the relationships she has with her family, friends or even neighbors. Maintaining relationships with the patient is important since it gives her the feeling of security and safety. It also helps build her confidence that even if she has a condition, she can still relate with other people. Family gatherings and activities serve as important reminders for the mom that she is still held in high regard when it comes to her status in the family.

When the condition progresses, it may also help to check memory care centers which would provide a safe home for your mom. Memory care facilities have therapy sessions that help the patient deal with condition. The centers also provide a safe haven for normal activities they are used to. There are built in programs which are individual-centered targeting the patients history and experience as a foundation to provide the appropriate support for her.

Not only do these centers help create a feeling of security for the children and the parent with dementia, the care faculty also provides them peace of mind that their mother is living as healthy as possible.